Meet Sandy Bryan
Owner and Instructor, Keyboard Kids, Roy, UT

At age 6, Sandy began begging her mom for a piano. Back then, the standard age for a child to begin piano lessons was age 8 (look how far we’ve come with 3 year olds now starting)! So not very patiently, Sandy waited and waited to turn the magic age of 8. When that finally happened, her mom bought her an upright piano, and Sandy began lessons - all the while, never needing to be asked to practice. In fact, sometimes, she had to be asked to “stop” practicing in order for the rest of the family to have peace and quiet. Life went on and Sandy continued practicing and progressing. Her mom then bought her a Baby Grand piano. At age 16, Sandy began teaching and would drive to student’s houses to give them lessons. Sandy’s love for piano earned her the titles of Miss Roy, Miss Weber State, Miss North Ogden, and a Talent Award at The Miss Utah Pageant. She was awarded scholarships with these wins, and was able to pay for some of her piano lessons. She has earned an Associate and a Bachelor’s Degree from Weber State University. Sandy is a single mom with 2 boys. Her love of teaching piano leaves her teaching lessons 6 days/nights per week in her home studio in Roy, and also in her studio at Hill Air Force Base. Her teaching techniques have earned her several awards. She is a member of the National/Utah Federation of Music Clubs, and the National/Utah Music Teacher’s Association.

Music for
Little Mozarts

(Ages 5-6)

Join Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse in this  30 minute weekly program designed for young kids (age 5, after they complete WunderKeys), or age 6 without WunderKeys). This curriculum provides a balance between the discipline necessary for playing the piano and the enjoyment one receives from the process of music making. Kids love following Beethoven Bear, Mozart Mouse and friends on their musical journey for approximately a 2 year period (through 4-levels of books).

                                           (Ages 4-5)

WunderKeys is a 30 minute weekly program that takes young students on a magical journey where they acquire the piano skills, keyboard awareness, and rhythmic understanding they need to become a successful piano student. This adorable 3-level program gives students a head start in Math – that’s right….. MATH!


(Ages 7 and Up)

A 1-hour weekly program, Piano Adventures allow students to play along in class with General MIDI background accompaniments. This makes learning fun and also teaches counting and rhythm accuracy.  Lessons include the piano lesson, technology lab, sight reading, ear training, composing/improvisation and a reward center.

Technology Lab

Lessons/games on the computer or iPAD to reinforce theory, ear training, note recognition, sight reading and rhythm. - Learn about composers along with music history through computer programs, Apps, DVD’s, CD’s and educational websites. - Explore composing their own music using a digital piano and notation software.

is a National Program where students play 2 memorized pieces for a panel of 3 judges. Students receive a rating based on their two songs combined (Superior, Excellent, Satisfactory, etc.). Points are awarded based on their rating. Points are accumulated each year, and once the student accumulates 15 points, they are awarded a trophy. Students progress/perform from different levels according to their ability.   Registration fee applies.

Achievement in Music (AIM)

is a Utah Music Teachers Association Program. Students are tested in 6 areas: Performance, Technique, Ear Training, Sight-Reading, Theory, and Creative Musicianship.   Registration fee applies.


Opportunities for performing are offered through recitals, Yamaha Clavinova Festival, Federation Festival (Piano Solo, Duets and Ensembles), and Achievement in Music (AIM).